Virginia Commonwealth University

Make it real.

Fall 2010


Alfa Laval

Students must develop a user-friendly, virtual interface tool that can be used to explan spare parts and preventive maintenance activities for a given product.

Student Team

  • Erik Jay De Leon (Arts, Communication Arts)
  • Corey Grunewald (Arts, Kinetic Imaging)
  • Colin Hannifin (Business, Accounting)
  • Megan Jacobs (Business, Marketing)
  • Janie Molver (Engineering, Chemical)
  • Cosima Storz (Arts, Painting & Printmaking)
  • Michael Wierzbicki (Engineering, Chemical)

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Elliot Minor, Associate Professor, Department of Management 
  • Dr. Raj Rao, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Team Facilitator

  • Mr. John Batchelor, Doctoral Student, Department of Management


State of Virginia, Department of Education

Leveraging the Garfield brand, students must create a media and technology platform that teaches core curricula material to children in grades 2 to 8.

Student Team

  • Nelofar Anwari (Business, Marketing)
  • Olivia Chin (Business, Marketing)
  • Vreni Michelini (Arts, Painting and Printmaking)
  • Vinita Phonseya (Arts, Interior Design)
  • Jennifer Robbe (Arts, Graphic Design)
  • Natalie Zauhar (Business, Global Business)

Faculty Advisors

  • Dr. Frank Franzak, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing
  • Teresa Engle, Instructor, Department of Graphic Design

Team Facilitator

  • Mr. George Banks, Doctoral Student, Department of Management