Virginia Commonwealth University

Make it real.

Fall 2010

Alfa Laval

Students must develop a user-friendly, virtual interface tool that can be used to explan spare parts and preventive maintenance activities for a given product.

Student Team:

Erik Jay De Leon (Arts, Communication Arts)

Corey Grunewald (Arts, Kinetic Imaging)

Colin Hannifin (Business, Accounting)

Megan Jacobs (Business, Marketing)

Janie Molver (Engineering, Chemical)

Cosima Storz (Arts, Painting and Printmaking)

Michael Wierzbicki (Engineering, Chemical)

Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Elliot Minor, Associate Professor, Department of Management (Business)

Dr. Raj Rao, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering (Engineering)

Team Facilitator:

Mr. John Batchelor, Doctoral Student, Department of Management (Business)

State of Virginia, Department of Education

Leveraging the Garfield brand, students must create a media and technology platform that teaches core curricula material to children in grades 2 to 8.

Student Team:

Nelofar Anwari (Business, Marketing)

Olivia Chin (Business, Marketing)

Vreni Michelini (Arts, Painting and Printmaking)

Vinita Phonseya (Arts, Interior Design)

Jennifer Robbe (Arts, Graphic Design)

Natalie Zauhar (Business, Global Business)

Faculty Mentors:

Dr. Frank Franzak, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing (Business)

Teresa Engle, Instructor, Department of Graphic Design (Arts)

Team Facilitator:

Mr. George Banks, Doctoral Student, Department of Management (Business)