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Toys: Then, Now and Beyond!

Whether you were building spaceships with Legos, having tea parties with Barbie or neglecting your Tamagotchi – most of us can agree that it was these nostalgic toys and others that shaped our childhoods. But have you ever wondered what kids are equipped with now and how toys have evolved over time? [Feel old yet?]

Originating in 1959, the Barbie Doll has been a staple in many young girls’ lives. Offering a range of customizable looks from skin color to hairstyle to clothes and personas – one thing Barbie seems to have always lacked is offering different body types—until now! After complaints from parents, Mattel decided to take action by creating 3 new Barbie sizes including tall, petite, and curvy.

3d-glassesOLD3D Glasses
The progression from red and blue glasses to virtual reality is an obvious jump. But what might not be so obvious is that 3D “technology” originated as another one of da Vinci brilliant discoveries in the 16 th century. His studies in depth perception proved that he revealed the key to 3D technology long ago. Today, Oculus Rift leads the way in VR (virtual reality), applying these principles in the digital realm and changing the way we game and live.

Happy legoLego
Still an all time favorite, Lego has allowed us to build on our own imagination. We make ships, towers, villages, and robots while Lego creates future architects, artists, gamers in anyone who has a desire to make things. Their iconic bricks have evolved, offering endless fun for busy hands worldwide. Today, Lego’s newest products include NEXO KNIGHTS where they are “merging physical play with digital gaming” for next level creativity.

Digital age gamesThe Digital Age
Drones, Apps and Smart Tablets may not have been in our vocabulary as kids, but it’s become today’s norm. Games are abundant, advanced and accessible, making learning easy and creativity endless. Barbie can now recognize speech commands, AR (augmented reality) technology like Osmo is bridging the gap between physical play and digitization, and what better way to spy on your neighbor than with advanced remote control drones? The future has arrived my friends!

Post Written by Shannon Hood, Current MPI Student

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