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The Operetta of Innovation

We are all familiar with the legend that is, was, and has become Steve Jobs. On October 23rd we will no doubt discover a new interpretation of the Steve Jobs mythology as yet another film, chronicling his successes and failures, premieres across the nation.

If you scan any list of top ten innovators in the past decade you will undoubtedly find Steve Jobs. Yet as his counterpart, Steve Wozniak says to Jobs in this latest film, “What do you do? You’re not an engineer. You’re not a designer. You can’t put a hammer to a nail. I built the circuit board! The graphical interface was stolen! So how come ten times in a day I read Steve Jobs is a genius? What do you do?”

young-steve-jobsTo this Jobs respond, “Musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra.”

If we are trying to answer Wozniack’s question, then describing one’s occupation is a limited view of what and how individuals arrive at innovation. And yet conversely, it is not simply the “aha moment” either.

This year we will explore what it means to be an innovator. What does it take to be considered an innovator in your field? And how hard is it to stay there? Who is involved in that process, and how did they get there?

Throughout this journey we want to hear from you, our readers. We want to know what your definition of innovation is, who you think is achieving it, and what you hope it will mean for the future.

We hope you join us as we search for what it means to be a part of the operetta of innovation. Until then, we remain curious.

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