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What is CreateAthon?
If you haven’t heard about CreateAthon@VCU, you should definitely learn about this exciting event now! CreateAthon@VCU is a pro bono where students volunteer to creatively help non profit organizations in the RVA community. The exciting part about it is that it is done in a 24 hour period. Sounds intense, but all the fun activities and amazing people, make it a ton of fun!


2010 How do I get involved?
No matter who you are there is a way to get involved with CreateAthon. If you are a student you have the opportunity to become a Team Leader, Production Team Member, or Team Volunteer. If you are a member of the community at large or perhaps a graduate student and working professional you have the opportunity to become a Mentor. Each role is detailed below:

Team Leaders: Enrolled in a Non Profit Management Course (MASC 467) during the spring semester. Each team leader is then paired with a nonprofit organization and work with them on finding out their communication problems that need to be solved. During the event, after the teams are organized, the team leaders gather their knowledge on what they have learned and guide the team towards creating amazing work for the nonprofit organization.

Production Team: Enrolled in CreateAthon@VCU Production (MASC 491) during the spring semester. Their role is to make the entire program flow successfully. The students commit to specific roles such as, Product Manager, Public Relations, Event Coordinator, Sponsorship, Art Direction, Copywriting, Social Media, Photographer, and Videographer. Team Volunteers: Share their skills on an online application and sign up to be a part of this 24 hour marathon for the spring. The volunteers are made up of art directors, designers, photographers, videographers, audio video producers and editors, web strategists, UX designers, and app developers.

M2013entors: Professionals working in RVA that attend the event to meet and guide all the participants in the program.

How did CreateAthon start?
CreateAthon was originally founded by Teresa Coles and Cathy Monetti of Riggs Partners in Colombia, South Carolina in 1998. The first 24 hour national marathon event was held in 2002 and since then, CreateAthon has recruited more than 100 different partner organizations to host the probono marketing marathons in their community generating more than $20.5 million in pro bono marketing services! That’s a lot!

Former University of South Carolina Professor, Peyton Rowe, now the Executive and Creative Director of CreateAthon@VCU held the first CreateAthon@VCU event in 2007. Today CreateAthon is a competitive opportunity for nonprofit organizations in the Richmond area to gain access to high quality probono services.

The next CreateAthon@VCU event will be held over Spring Break on March 10th to 11th in the T. Edward Temple Building. If you are interested in being a mentor, contact the program through the website and complete the application. During the event you’ll have the opportunity to meet some interesting students, sponsors, and nonprofit organizations.

For more information on their past projects and sponsers check out their website. And if you want to constantly be inspired by what they do, follow them on their Social Media!



Twitter: @createathonvcu

Instagram: @createathonatvcu


Post Written by Swetha Gav, Current MPI Student

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