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VCU Innovate Living-Learning Program

VCU Innovate LLP equips innovative entrepreneurs with a human-centered design foundation to launch new ventures or products.

Deadline: February 3, 2016

Early Admission Deadline: November 21, 2016

  1. Are you a full-time undergraduate freshman or sophomore? (If you have 2+ years of undergraduate studies remaining may, you may also apply).
  2. Submit a da Vinci Innovate Application.
  3. On your application, check the box marked “VCU Innovate”.

VCU Innovate LLP Perks

  • Two years of experience across a minimum of 4 client projects (ranging from non-profit, early-stage startups, accelerators, etc.)
  • Internship and job placement focused in innovation, entrepreneurship and product development
  • Trips, workshops and private interactions with regional and national investors, startups, mentors inventors, and entrepreneurs (60 hours of co-curricular)
  • 2-year apartment style housing in Grace & Broad Residence Center, living among your peers
  • Early course registration and housing sign-up
  • 9-credit Certificate of Completion (detailed below)

Attend an event and keep in touch


Public events are listed on VCU Innovate’s EventBrite.
Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook!
Visit us at Grace & Broad Residence Center, 1010 West Grace Street, Richmond VA 23220
Email or Call us at (804) 827-1859

Certificate of Completion in Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program Requirements

  • Students complete the following coursework.
    • INNO 351 Creativity for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1 credit hour)
    • INNO 352 Making Innovation Happen (1 credit hour)
    • INNO 353 Making Entrepreneurship Happen (1 credit hour)
    • INNO 450 Realizing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1 credit hour)
    • 5 credits within da Vinci Center classes
  • Two-year residency in Grace & Broad Residence Hall
  • Fulfill 60 hours of VCU Innovate co-curricular activities (speaker series, workshops, trips focused on innovation and entrepreneurship)
  • Fulfill 20 hours of VCU Service (built into coursework through Service-Learning)