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Are you the next Steve Jobs?

Sign up for INNO 200 and find out. In this one-hour lecture course, you’ll discover the exciting and multidisciplinary world of product innovation. You’ll meet some of the top innovative leaders from right here in the Richmond community. It will pique your creativity and challenge your entrepreneurial spirit. Do you have what it takes?

With a limited number of spots left, register for this course today.

Below is the catalog description. No pre-reqs. Open to all VCU students.

INNO 200 Seminar in Product Innovation

Semester course; 1 lecture hour. 1 credit. A seminar series focused on the discussion of pertinent topics related to product innovation and “technopreneurship.” Students will be exposed to numerous topics through guest speakers supplemented by readings and class discussion. Topics include conceptualization, patents, capitalization, venture formation, commercialization, market assessment, project management and product life cycle management.

  1. Ian BellamyIan Bellamy12-05-2011

    Hello SWCASKEY,
    I am in the UK and I was just wondering if the INNO 200 is just a one hour lecture or is this a series of one hour lectures. I assume it is the latter as there seems to be too many speakers to point their point over in a solitary hour.

    • swcaskeyswcaskey12-15-2011

      It’s a semester-long lecture series for students enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University.

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