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Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2016’

  • Toys: Then, Now and Beyond!

    Whether you were building spaceships with Legos, having tea parties with Barbie or neglecting your Tamagotchi – most of us can agree that it was these nostalgic toys and others that shaped our childhoods. But have you ever wondered what kids are equipped with now and how …

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  • B My Valentine

    “I would rather someone give me a present ‘just because’ instead of because a card told them to.” I’m sure we’ve all heard variations of this sentiment before. Whether it’s about Valentine’s Day or another holiday with similarly commercial overtones. But if you’ve ever googled the …

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  • CreateAthon@VCU

    What is CreateAthon? If you haven’t heard about CreateAthon@VCU, you should definitely learn about this exciting event now! CreateAthon@VCU is a pro bono where students volunteer to creatively help non profit organizations in the RVA community. The exciting part about it is that it is done in …

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